Aerial Pilates

Appropriate for all fitness levels, Aerial Pilates combines Pilates principles with the use of aerial hammocks to lengthen, strengthen and tone the body through fun and challenging moves. Many of the movements in the Pilates technique engage the core while toning the overall body, and these movements are naturally translatable onto an aerial apparatus, thereby targeting the deeper muscles of the body with less strain and more openness. Both playful and rigorous, Aerial Pilates develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.

The aerial hammock is a piece of equipment made of weight-tested, specialty non-stretch nylon which enables 3-dimensional movement and inversions that help re-align and decompress the spine. The suspension safely creates controlled instability which strengthens your inner joint muscles. The hammock helps support the weight of the body so that you can stretch further with less strain while strengthening the core and fine-tuning balance. The classes are designed to build strength and flexibility while having fun!

Clothing recommendations: fitted clothing, ideally underarm and backs of the knees covered. Bare feet or grip socks are acceptable.

Contraindications: Heart conditions, glaucoma/eye pressure issues, pregnancy, spinal conditions that are aggravated by decompression, those on medication for blood pressure. *These indications are due to inversions

No previous Aerial or Pilates experience is necessary!

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